Yes, We're Open

With Precautions and Limits

We're following all RI State Mandated space utilization and safety precautions to remain open and available to our CoWork community.

Our CoWorks log in daily with their temperature taken and noted.  This is for Contact tracing should anyone in the CoWork space test positive.  We have provided and encourage users to mask up while using the CoWork space.  There is antimicrobial soap available in the restroom and kitchenette, as well as plenty of hand sanitizer.  The CoWork space is sanitized daily.

Our occupancy has been restricted, however, to keep all CoWorkers safe and to allow maximum productivity.

At this time, we know that many people have been disrupted at work and are working from home.  This, as so many have found, can be difficult and distracting.  Working in a CoWork space can be a great solution giving you a "place to work" outside of your normal work space or home office.

We are accepting very limited additions to our CoWork office at this time.  The following is our current availability and limitations:

1.  We are not accepting ANY  additional drop-in CoWorkers at this time.

2.  We do not have any private office space available at this time.

3.  We will not have any assigned desk space available until September, 2020 (at the earliest).

4.  We are not giving any tours of the space at this time.

5.  We are taking names and numbers and will contact you as space becomes available.

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